Taylor & Hammel LLC is a litigation and environmental research company with extensive experience in providing historical, investigative and analytical research services and support to environmental, legal and business clients.

Our professional research services furnish businesses and law firms with the assistance necessary to effectively negotiate the time-sensitive nature of litigation, to identify past and present liabilities and to better understand their corporate histories.


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"Everything you have provided us this morning is invaluable….The information you’re finding is a game changer for us.” – Nathan Bracken, Counsel at Smith Hartvigsen PLLC

"The deck logs that you found for me were very useful in substantiating my claim for the Veterans, without which I don't know where I would have gotten needed information. You and your staff did a great job and I thank you all very much." – Private Client

"I am confident that without your having found and provided the transcript, we never would have known of the extent of the effort Oklahoma went to in order to use Texas demand for water to justify its reservoir projects. Thank you very much." – Craig Corona, Associate at Waterlaw in Aspen, Colorado

"I highly recommend Taylor & Hammel LLC to any military vet needing record searches for proof of incident or documentation regarding disability claims. The communication between us was compassionate, and the records were produced in a timely fashion. It can be quite costly to research some records, but Taylor & Hammel LLC recognized my military sacrifices and produced what I needed for much less than I expected, and I thank them sincerely." - David Jones

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